Why Us ?

Research and Development

Our expertise in aquaculture research enables us to drive innovation and growth of freshwater prawn farming in Mauritius through:

Selective Breeding Programs
– We can design and execute targeted breeding plans to develop improved prawn lines optimized for faster growth and disease resistance.

Cost-Effective Feed Solutions
– Through feed trials, we can formulate and test feeds leveraging locally available ingredients to reduce feed costs.

Farming Systems Enhancement
– We pilot and implement new farming technologies like bioflocs, aquaponics to enhance productivity and environmental performance.


Health Management
– Our diagnostics and epidemiological capabilities support development of preventatives, treatments and biosecurity protocols.

Data-Driven Decision Making
– We employ data analytics across the value chain to generate insights for forecasting, risk reduction and profitability gains.

Through strategic research partnerships, we can provide end-to-end R&D solutions tailored to address key production challenges and unlock the full potential of freshwater prawn farming in Mauritius. Our applied research approach delivers commercially relevant outcomes to benefit farmers, companies and the industry as a whole.

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