Why Us ?


Our aquaculture consultancy service offers end-to-end expertise for setting up and succeeding in farming in Mauritius. Our services include:

Site Selection and Farm Design

– Evaluation of sites based on soil quality, water availability and suitability for freshwater prawn farming
– Designing farm layout, ponds, water inlet/outlet systems and canals optimized for maximal production
– Guidance on procurement of farming equipment, aerators, pumps etc.

Hatchery and Seed Supply

– Advising on hatchery set up for in-house seed production vs sourcing from external suppliers
– Recommending optimal design and operations of a hatchery for quality seed production
– Facilitating linkages with reputed suppliers for sourcing disease-free seed stock

Feeds and Nutrition Management

– Formulating cost effective feed based on the nutritional requirements 
– Ongoing feed management advisory during production cycle
– Troubleshooting issues related to growth, health and FCR with appropriate feed changes

Water Quality Management

– Developing protocols for pond preparation, fertilization, liming to optimize water quality
– Guidance on equipment needed for monitoring dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia etc.
– Recommending adjustments to water exchange, additives, probiotics etc. to maintain optimal water quality

Farm Production Oversight

– Designing farm protocols aligned with GAP and biosecurity requirements
– Advising on stocking densities, sampling, growth tracking, and harvest planning
– Conducting periodic farm audits and recommending corrective actions

Technical Training

– Conducting workshops to train farm technicians on best practices
– Developing farm operating manuals and SOPs for long term referencing
– Providing guidance to troubleshoot issues and continuously improve productivity

With our expertise and technical support, we aim to set up our clients for maximum productivity, profitability and sustainable success in freshwater aquaculture in Mauritius.

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