Why Us ?

Project Management & Development

We support farmers and business people in the setting up, operating productive and sustainable aquaculture farms.

Aquaculture System Design and Construction

– Hands-on pond, tank and cage design and construction
– Plumbing, water intake, drainage, aeration system design
– Installation of pumps, aerators, filters, etc.

Hatchery Operations

– Broodstock selection and breeding
– Egg incubation, larval rearing techniques
– Live feed culture – algae, rotifers, artemia
– Hatchery hygiene and biosecurity

Seed Production and Stocking

– Nursery rearing of fry and fingerlings
– Acclimatization and stocking densities
– Transport of seeds, releasing techniques

Feeding and Grow-out Culture

– Formulated feed preparation and feeding techniques
– Sampling, growth monitoring and health checks
– Farm data collection and record keeping

Harvesting and Post-harvest

– Gear types and harvesting techniques
– Transport of harvested stock
– Grading, processing, packaging and value addition

Farm Management

– Biosecurity and disease prevention
– Water quality monitoring and correction
– Farm operations planning and economics
– Certifications and regulations


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