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Investment Opportunities

Aquafarming in Mauritius presents exciting investment opportunities for the growth of the blue economy industry. With its tropical climate and abundant resources, Mauritius provides ideal conditions for raising fin fish, crustaceans such as the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and the white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei. Here are some of the key reasons why aqua-farming in Mauritius deserves investor attention:

∙Growing domestic and export demand.

Mauritius imports around 80% of its seafood needs,
indicating a supply-demand gap that aquaculture including freshwater prawn farming can help bridge. Mauritian prawns are also gaining acceptance internationally, with export potential to  markets like Europe, USA, China and the Middle East.

∙Supportive government policies.

The government offers attractive incentives such as an tax holidays, subsidized loans and grants to encourage investments into the aquaculture sector.
Mauritius geographic isolation also provides a biosecure environment ideal for sustainable

∙Scope for technology integration.

Investments into R&D and technology adoption in areas like
genetic improvement, biofloc systems, automated feeding and recirculating aquaculture systems help boost productivity and returns on investment.

∙Good infrastructure and connectivity.

Mauritius has excellent road, port and air connectivity facilitating efficient trade and exports. Cold chain infrastructure also enables export of chilled and frozen prawns. The future looks promising for aqua farming in Mauritius. With its natural advantages and growth opportunities, the sector presents a worthwhile investment option for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on rising global demand.

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