Why Us ?

Marketing and Distribution


– Position prawns as a premium, niche aquaculture product compared to traditional seafood offerings

– Promote health benefits of freshwater prawns like high protein, low fat content to health-conscious consumers

– Obtain quality certifications like HACCP, BAP to enhance brand value and enable export

– Engage celebrity chefs/food influencers to demonstrate culinary applications of prawns

– Participate in international seafood trade fairs to gain visibility in key export markets

– Use social media and e-commerce to educate consumers and enable direct sales

– Offer farm tours and experiential marketing to schools/families to create brand awareness


– Develop cold chain infrastructure for fresh and frozen prawns targeting domestic hotels/restaurants

– Partner with seafood exporters to facilitate air freight distribution to overseas markets

– Foster contract farming arrangements with retailers to ensure year-round supply volumes

– Explore online sales platforms and mobile apps to reach urban consumers directly

– Set up owned retail seafood outlets in prime locations to control sales experience

– Introduce vacuum-packed, cooked, peeled prawns for longer shelf life and convenience

– Arrange supply partnerships with food processors to expand processed and value-added product range

By leveraging both traditional and digital marketing along with an efficient distribution network, we aim to establish Mauritian prawns as a premium aquaculture brand globally.

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